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I know how you feel about not as keen on the script anymore ..... im just exited to hear the next album to see what it sounds like :D x

So am I actually, I hope it like rekindles something in me haha :) xx

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Which of these albums is your favorite? #3 The script Of science and faith

Definitely not #3 haha… I’m torn between the first two because I like them both a lot. I like The Script cause I used to listen to it on repeat when I first got into them but I think my overall favourite would be Science & Faith, there’s so many songs I love on there

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I really love them now, and I'm kind of upset that u stopped liking them? :') haha but it's okay I shall stalk u for their photos ❤️

i didn’t exactly stop liking them (just wasn’t keen on #3) i just became less interested in trying to keep up with every bit of news etc etc, breakeven is still one of my favourite songs everrrr :)

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Just followed you today. I really like your posts, they are actually interesting. I feel like with some blogs there are pics I have seen so many times, and its annoying. Keep it up! - Katherine<3

Thanks :) -wendy

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Just wanted to tell you, great blog, and it doesn't matter that you aren't as big a fan anymore, we all change. Good job!

Hey, I am the original creator of this blog, but I feel the same way the mod that posted that haha so I guess this is a call out to anyone who still loves this band, if maybe you wanna help by posting stuff and joining the blog? Drop us an ask!!! :) -wendy

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I love this band there music inspires me and makes me who I am today, when im in a pissed off mood I listen to them and there songs make my heart melt. If you had to choose one songs by them what would it b and y I would hav 2 say rusty halo

aw :) probably breakeven just because its always been my favourite! :)

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This may sound really stupid but, i used to absolutely crazy about The Script but now its like i don't even care about them anymore?...

yeah thats how i feel haha

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I thought I was the only one who liked their other albums better and I'm like really happy to know that there are other people who get it haha.

Yeah I don’t know what it is about #3 that I like less, some songs on there I do really like (six degrees of separation, glowing, no words etc) but then there’s some songs where I’m just not very keen on.. aha

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I went to see them earlier this year, and they were incredible as always - but their audience has definitely changed. I really like 'If You Could See Me Now', but I agree with you that their first two albums are a lot stronger musically. Once they release more albums in the future, though - #3 will just be a blip on the radar. :)

i guess it’s to be expected really but it’s good that they haven’t changed as performers :) yeah i mean #3 wasn’t completely awful, there are some songs i really liked but i just wasn’t like wow omg i must listen to this on repeat for the next two weeks like i was when science & faith came out.. i’ll still listen to their next albums though, i think i’ll always be interested to hear their new music just because i did really love thier past albums tbh

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Whoever is calling you a 'hater' for preferring The Script's first two albums is an idiot. I preferred the first two aswell - their musical direction and general audience has changed massively. Since Danny has been on The Voice, you get all sorts of chavs going to their gigs. Shame really!

i haven’t actually seen them since 2 days over 2 years now (weird) so i don’t know about that, but that does suck! it’s a shame because i really did love them but i just can’t get as into #3, aaahhh well